Marriage Capacity Certificate

Hello! Support Team,

Could you please explain how and who will provide me "Marriage Capacity Certificate" to marry a Moroccan girl. I am in relationship with a Muslim Moroccan girl since long and we have decided to marry very soon.

I have all certificate except "Marriage Capacity Certificate". Could you please explain the following information:

1. How can i get this certificate?
2. Who will provide it?
3. What is the content inside the certificate?
4. Could you please me give a sample?

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In the uk it is called a 'notice of no impediment ' and you have to go to the local council office (births, deaths, marriage) to get it

Really i have no idea but i would like to know all details as i mention on the topic.

If you are a uk citizen you will get this at the British embassy in Rabat now not in the uk

Hi everyone, I have the same problem. Im an Aussie and I know that I need a no impediment to marriage from Australia, but is the capacity of marriage the same ?

Yes it is the same, I know if from the UK you don't need to get this in UK but at the British embassy in Rabat, not sure about Australia but if you get in touch with Australian embassy they will be able to tell you

Hey Lizsnap thanks for your reply. This is where im having problems as there is no Australian embassy in Morocco.

Go on to Moroccan embassy site see what they explain , if not email them or get in touch with your city hall and they will point you in the right direction

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