Pros and Cons about moving to Amsterdam?

Hello all,

My partner and I are considering moving to Amsterdam and would just like to know the peoples opinion on the cities Pros and Cons?

Undoubtedly this has been asked multiple times but I just wanted to get some fresh answers as so much can change in such a short period of time. What are your pet hates? What makes you not want to leave? I find a lot of articles saying wonderful things but I just want some un-biased feedback from the people who really know what its all about.

Thanks a lot

Pro's - Big City, multi-cultural, good public transport.
Cons - Very expensive (in comparison to the other side of Holland).

That said, it depends what you're coming for.  My most important list of things you need to consider is work (unless you have some good skills that the Dutch haven't got, don't think you'll turn up and walk into a job); speak the language (many Dutch speak English, but all of life around you is in Dutch); be prepared for a culture change.

Why Amsterdam?

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