Volunteer work Casablanca


I have recently moved to Casablanca from London and am studying French. I have some free time so would like to do some volunteer work. Does anyone have any info in volunteer work and charities in Casablanca?

Thanks in advance...

Hello lydia ,
welcome to casablanca , what kind of volunteer work are you interested in doing ?
as an example you can try to visit hospital ibn rochd or 20 aout , you will find hundreds of peoples in needs of everything (food,blanket,clothes...) , with no one to take care of them .
There are thousands of homeless people  who sleep in the street everyday .
A lot of people are suffering so any help is appreciated but it depends on your time/money

excuse me if I intrude but volunteer work does not means charity...

check the us aid website!

Hello Lydia!!
Welcome in Casablanca and I encourage so much your spirit towards volunteer work. I suggest as you are a native speaker of English to help orphanages' kids and teenagers to learn English through free ESL classes. If you loved the idea, please contact me and I will try my best to link you to one of the orphanages in Casablanca. Enjoy the life in Morocco and you are most welcome!!

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