Any Indian Veg Food in North Jakarta with Delivery services ??

Hi Guys

                         Anyone makes homemade Indian Veg food and deliver in North Jakarta, Sunter Area ??

Any Indian family settled in Jakarta Pls do consider opening this Homemade food delivery business, There are so less places for Indian food and its Damn costly , Resturants like Vmad and Indian Deltiz cost more or less same as in Singapore. Huge Demand and Supply gap .



All Indian restaurant in north Jakarta is very expensive you can try vegetarian food in pasar baru

Thank You Rohit, I have checked out Pasar Baru not so close to my place , I cook myself now :)

Ya ok it's good
What are you doing in Jakarta

I work for a sport brand as financialadvisor..

I'm new in here so I want job in Indonesia can you help me about job

Rohitsharm :

I'm new in here so I want job in Indonesia can you help me about job

Not to discourage you Rohit but its very hard to work here , its not about finding job i guess its more to get KITAS , I have lot of experience in my field and the company head office shifted me here so i dont have to bother about all this issues, You cant come here and find the job , you have to find job and get your KITAS done then come here.

I have kitas
It's ok thank you very much nice to meet you

You are welcome !!

There's a few veg places in N. Jakarta. Esp in Kelapa gading - Queens at sunlake hotel is fairly safe, Pizza Marzano in Mall kelapa Gading, & Duck King, Also in Mall Kelapa Gading all have veg food & deliver (Although you might need to speak with the manager as for Duck king, veg option is usually off-menu/on request).

If you want treats you can check out beyond treats. Its gluten-free / vegan treats so that's safe too, and Nature's Bakery Fig Bars in the supermarket are vegan too.

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