Looking for a car 4x4 Dar es Salaam

Next week I am in Dar es Salaam to buy a car for my wife. She is a tropical doctor in Mwanza district and needs a reliable 4x4. We don't have much money to spend but believe we rather have a good car then trouble afterwards.

Can anyone advice on a good location/car company?
We are thinking of a Toyota Land Cruiser Prado, Toyota HiLux Surf or a Toyota RAV4. Just because we see these cars driving a lot in the area.

Are there any restrictions on buying a car?
What is the procedure for registration etc?

Thanks for your help!
Michiel from the Netherlands.

Hi Michiel, did you search for a vehicle in Mwanza????  Travelling to dar and driving back with the vehicle can cost you another tsh 500,000. Businesses are all down at this time in Mwanza and Dar. So you can always bargain.

Prado and Surf ....good semi offroad vehicle. But expensive and high maintenance cost. A "C" and "D" registration will cost around Tsh 25m to 35m. You might get a "A" registration for Tsh 15m to 20m. Rav4 from Tsh 10m to 15m

There is no restriction in buying a car. You need to have a TIN no I guess. Once you have the contract signed you have to approach TRA and transfer it to your name after paying registration fee and transfer fee.

Super thanks for your answer.
So, We will go searching for a RAV4.

If we find one for let's say 15 million. Do I understand well that we have to buy an 'A'-registration for another 15 million, so we end up with a total cost of 25mln?

Or am I misunderstanding, because then it becomes quite expensive...


hello again.

Rav4 is a good vehicle. But not popular anymore. But it will take you to places. Anywhere is a good tar road. Spares are comparatively cheaper than prado and surf. 

Regarding registration...... dont bother about it now. search for a low mileage vehicle; around 80,000km petrol engine. For Tsh 15m you can get one.

You didnt mention the type of road you are planning to drive. If its a tar road, nothing to worry about. But if its an rough road... rav4 is not the vehicle you shd be going for.

Good luck!

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