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Wld anyone pls tell me the procedure to obtain the "Driving License" in Tanzania..Can people wth international driving license drive in Tanzania?? If so, for how long??



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If you have an international drivers license, all you do is go to the Drivers license office,(you can ask around in town, where exactly it is)  show them you have a license, pay 10,000 tzs (about 8 usd) and then they will give you your new license. Oh and you also have to bring with you 2 passport photos. You can usually get these made somewhere in town, but it is easier if you carry a bunch around with you. It seems they are needed with every kind of document in TZ. I think the license is good for about 3 years.
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Hi, Sounds like you have some good knowledge there! Do you know what the situation is regarding taking a driving test in Tanzania in order to get a local license? Are there many places around that can do that, and can foreign nationals traveling there for extended periods of time do that? Would really appreciate any advice you have!

It depends whether you are a visitor or residence permit holder. Please let me know. I can tell you how to do that. Do not engage touts and you will end up jail when you show the licence as many of them are fake ones.


i am resident permit holder here in dar-es-salaam and i want to get local driver's license but i left my professional driver's license from my country. can still apply?



Yes. You need the photocopy of your driving licence (your country)which should have the class of vehicle which you intend to get it locally. Get it from the respective locations like Moshi means you should live in Moshi.

Hi I will be in Arusha at the end of January. I will be there for six months or longer I am a US citizen is it possible for me to get local drivers license there?



I arrived in Dar last friday and obtained a driving license early the next week. As I understand it an International Driving LICENSE is not sufficient to drive in Tanzania but an International Driving PERMIT (which can be obtained from the AA in your country of origin) is.In addition you cannot drive on your country of origins driving license.

For me the procedure to get a Tanzanian license was simple (mainly thanks to the incredibly helpful supervisor, Sylvester) although you'll need to put aside a couple of days to go through all the tape.

The driving licensing office is on the 1st floor of the Tanzanian Revenue Authority building (Samora House) located on Samora Avenue in central Dar es Salaam.

I showed my British driving license, passport and visa. I then filled in an application form (attaching photocopies of the above), had my photo and finger prints taken. Went down to the Traffic Police HQ (about a 5 minute walk away on Sokoine Drive) where it was simply a case of the police approving our papers (I think that standard procedure is for some sort of road awareness test although luckily for us Sylvester had phoned ahead and we were ushered straight in and straight out with approved papers). Back to Samora House to get a bank paying in slip then off to the CRDB bank a few minutes further down Sokoine Drive than the Traffic Police HQ to deposit 40,000TSH (£16GBP).

Returned to Samora House the next day after 10am to find a newly printed pristine Tanzanian driving license awaiting me, now I just need to find a 4x4...

Oh and make sure you tick class B for normal saloon cars and class D for 4x4s

I asked my security guard in my mine, we went to Dslm police headquarters gave the police chief $30us he signed my paperwork I went across the street they took my picture and the next day I got my Dr . vehicle category B and D it expired in 2015

i was gotten same day only 20,000 shilling all category

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