PR and citizenship after giving birth in Brazil

Hello dears,

My wife is giving birth in Brazil next month and I have a few questions that have been answered differently throughout other blogs:

1- how long does it usually take to get the permanent residency after we (the parents) apply based on our Brazilian child?

2- After one year of residency, do we apply for the citizenship right away? If yes, how long does it usually take to get a response on the grant of citizenship?

Thanking you all very much in advance.


Hmmm... hard to give exact answers, but basically your permanent residency visas should take 2 months to come through after you have had your appointment at the Policia Federal.

You are eligible to apply after a year of living in Brazil for a year on this visa. You can apply whenever you like after this time. As for how long the process takes, not sure about that one... Sorry!

I believe you can apply for citizenship after one year. You will need to be able to speak and write in Portuguese.


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