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Hi Everyone,

I am arriving to Malta in 3 weeks and have already contacted several real estate agencies. I am getting a bit frustrated because they are not being very helpful and rather pessimistic about my specifications.

What I am looking for : 2 BR, balcony, modern furnished and pet friendly (small dog) in Gzira, Sliema, Msida, Pieta, Floriana..for max 700 Euros. I don't think I am being too tight but the agencies are telling me for this money there won't be a lot around which I find hard to believe.

Can I get an honest opinion of what you have experienced?


You should be able to find something in Floriana and Pieta with your budget. In Gzira it will be difficult and Sliema next to impossible. However, from what I hear, there are very few landlords that accept pets.

They won't really deal with you until you are here.

Not trying to be pessimistic, but:

1) it's VERY UNLIKELY any agent will really be willing to deal with what you're looking for before you arrive; even once you're there, it's mainly YOU who have to be actively looking for something, and bugging the agents - don't expect most of them to do more than necessary (that's my experience, at least...)

2) if you ask for pet-friendly, most agents will automatically say they haven't got anything for you, so it might be better to only bring up your dog (from your other posts, I figure she's only a little one, right?) once you've found something you like - and talk to the landlord about it, not just the agent.

3) Sliema, 2BR for 700? I'd say impossible! Don't believe the prices on the real estate agencies' websites - they're outdated!!! Abnd none of the places are actually available.

Have you joined facebook groups such as Malta Apartments, Accommodation in Malta, ... ? The properties posted there are actually available.

Also: search for related posts here on the forum, and check out the blog by "felinefine" - she is/was a member here and wrote about her experience. If you search for her name on the forum, you'll find it.

Good luck with everything

Thanks Bernie, appreciate your input! will try that approach...and yes my Susy is a little one 😉

Try Facebook groups. They did the work for me :)

look in malta park and put pet friendly in the search on long term rentals, and check out those FB groups.

I think Birk, and some places in Gzira would be ok for that price...but probably most of those landlords don't have many pet friendly apartments  on their books, maybe none in  that price range - so you may have to shop around like that.

I am going there on the 27th with similar requirements, I'm interested to see what I can get. We'll probably end up living further away in the beginning, as I'm doing some work online anyway.

we had the same problem. the agencies will pay you more attention when you're here, but also, you have to kick some asses :) to get what you want. if you ask normal, they just show you the leftovers, don't trust to much on the fotos, take your time to check all out, there is great fotos from horrible places and also the opposite :), also the market here is very fast, if you like one, you have to say yes and cannot wait a couple days, otherwise it's gone.
we have a middlesize dog, which is still in switzerland :(, but at least i travel every month. petfriendly is a problem, take it to the agent, that they see it's a little one, our agent told us a little one, he probably could talk some owners into. he's not working anymore as a agent :(, but i should have more addresses, give me a couple days ...
good luck,

Dorieus :

I think Birk, and some places in Gzira would be ok for that price...

there is no way he'll find apartment with his specs for  700 in Gzira
prices have gone up too much

if he is willing to get rid of "modern" part and possibly balcony - then yes, he'll have a chance

like someone said - pieta and msida he will have more chance
and don't mention dog until you find apartment you like ;)

Thanks everyone. I am getting good offers via Facebook my hopes went up :-)

Dunno, I'm seeing a lot at that spec there.... on new posts of facebook and MP

Can someone please post a direct link to the facebook groups? By searching "Accommodation in Malta" or "Malta Apartments" I get way too many results...

I'm in Xlendi, Gozo and pay 300 euros pm for a 2br, with balcony and fully furnished and ceiling fans in lounge and both br's. I have a nice view of a mountain and a few minutes from the sea. I have 2 cats and a guy downstairs with the same landlord has a small dog.

Agents won't work with you until you're here, and they won't handle rentals in that price range because it's not a big enough fee for them.

Try noagentsplease, MaltaPark, this site, facebook, and other social media. Deal directly with owners. Always get a lease.

Here are some links to FB Pet friendly apartments … 9/?fref=ts … s/?fref=ts

You have a mountain view?? Lol

Nange :

You have a mountain view?? Lol

Yes, I know Gozo is like Switzerland without the snow but many peeps don't have any view apart from another apartment because some selfish plot owner has built a huge storied building in front of their windows.



You might want to turn off your caps lock!


Hello I can find you less then that price you mention!
Let me know if you are interested.
Malta is a small island and I can meet you a talk .
Have a nice day !
I am Antonio from MALTA

facebook groups such as malta accomodation or 'no agents fee's malta' are both helpful. Also the local paper often has new adverts. though expensive as mentioned,the estate agents such as remax or frank salt are always helpful

Thanks everyone. I will stick to the FB groups, they are all up to date vs the real estate agency websites.

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We have two dogs and found it really hard to find anywhere decent, we now pay 800 euro a month for a three bedroom ground floor terhan (sp)
massive patio and we love it

Contact michael stockdale on facebook he is very good

might find the vlog useful

You have anywhere in Swatar less than 800 a month , pet friendly and big outside space?

I paid less than 800 for 3 bedrom pet friendly, but there's no real outside area outside of balconies. Not sure how many places in that area have gardens.

facebook is the best... very few of those post on facebook are through agents, so you dont get to pay agent fee.... i just moved to a 2 bedroom, new apartment at msida... am very sure you would get something decent for those area you are specific about

In my experience it's with an agent on facebook unless they say it isn't, which is like  95% of them

better buy the Newspaper SUNDAY TIMES. there are a lot of adverts!
Good luck

thanks already living in my flat since 3 weeks 😉

gern geschehen :)
Ich komme aus Bulgarien aber ich bemuhe mich bisschen Deutsch zu sprechen :)

Wenn du was anderes brauechtes- kann villeicht auch helfen da ich ca 20 Jahre auf Malta lebe.

@Emil could you please post in English ?

many thanks


Julien, it was not relevant to this post, so no worries 😉

Hi all,

Anyone had direct experience or has found a flat via Frank Salt Realty?  They seem very popular and Im wondering if its a "trustworthy" agency?

MrCowboyEast :

Hi all,

Anyone had direct experience or has found a flat via Frank Salt Realty?  They seem very popular and Im wondering if its a "trustworthy" agency?

We have twice found rental properties through Frank Salt using their Gozo office and have been
pleased with the service we received.

We looked at a few through FS on Gozo and found them helpful although we ended up finding one via Facebay Gozo properties to let.

Is Facebay a FB group or a website/realty in malta?

maybe you should try

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