What kind of business are not too expensive to start up

Hello, My name is Angel and My husband and I are interested in moving to Ghana. We are currently doing Missionary work in Kenya primariy to charity and experience the African contentant. We would like to know what kind of business are not to expensive to start up but lucrative as well as costs of living thier also is 1 room arpartments cheap i forget the name of non 1 bedroom apartments.

Also His mother is 60 years old and she also wants to come she wants to live in a small space near by is that even possible I am so curious. Also is there nice place to live that are outside of the cities? I have been in Kenya for like a 1 1/2. Thanks!

I'm sure you will find similarities between Ghana and Kenya. If you are willing to live outside the cities you will find much cheaper accommodation. If you want to set up a business you will probably have to get a Ghanaian partner unless you have sufficient funds of your own. You can look at the GIPC website to see the requirements for foreigners setting up businesses.
Ghana is not a cheap country but if you are willing to live simply outside Accra then it will be manageable as long as you have a reasonable monthly income or savings

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It is always best I think if at all possible to visit the country first to see if it would ok for you . There are a lots of challanges to over come and you need to be strong mentally. We all have different experiences here in Ghana. There are many Afrikan Americans living here so you could always link up. As for business, you need to also see for your self what may be needed here and what is it that you have to offer.

Hello, i was living in Ghana 5 years and had my business running. I was fixing computers, installing security systems, cameras, intercom and doing phone repairs. The business did not move at all. in the 5 years there has been no increase in contracts or sales so i decided to stop.
You have to be careful when investing in this country. You will be happy if you are not running loss.
People who make money here are usually criminals, scammers, thiefs and people who have connections to high ranking officials. The rest will be poor. The average small local shop has a turnover of 500 to 800 dollar a month which is absolutely nothing. The economy is very weak which result in people cannot pay for your services and you always need to reduce your prices so you can at least make some sales and cover your expenses.
I would love to live in Ghana but if you are not getting money from outside it will be hard to survive.
You also need to know, the money you invest in the beginning will determine your living standard. There is no starting small and growing big. Starting small means you always stay small. Starting big means you almost always remain big. Business does not really grow or expand here. Its fixed according to what money you bring from outside.

I actually agree with you. You need a solid financial situation to prosper in Ghana

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