Best mobile internet provider? And does it work ?


I am referring to the previous post concerning telecom services in Ghana.

What about mobile broadband internet? Any suggestions, which company provides the most reliable - and cheapest - service? I will be stationed approx. 10 km east of Kumasi City. Any ideas if I could get a reliable service there?

I am curious about your experiences.

Cheers and thank you in advance!

Hi, I read somewhere Vodafone is giving a non-bad-at all internet service in Ghana, try to get info about their mobile  service.

Even though Vodafone has many niggling issues it is the best so far in Ghana.


true. though not 100% efficient but it's something to hold unto

I use MTN and it's OK. Pay monthly gives you 4gb per month for GH60. Tigo is slow.

Vodafone is the best

I am from Denmark (see you are writing from my hometown he he). My husband is selling wifi broadband routers - that can serve up to 32 users. There is also universal sim slot - so if one is slow or down you can log on with another chip. It it speedy - and we are using it with great satisfaction. He is also selling universal modems - faster that the ones on the market 7.2 mb/sec.

Contact me if you wanr more info.
Hope you will enjoy your stay!
Best Regards

Hi can you give me any more info on this? Price, make etc. Thanks

I use Airtel on my mobile phone and have found it reliable. I only use it as a back up though and for when I am out. At home we use iburst and have been happy with their service. For Airtel I just get a monthly bundle and it is 5 cedis for 200mb which is enough for my purposes. We pay 35 cedis per month for iburst although we have built up the mb and will probably have to go back to 50 cedis as we are using more mb than we are credited. I think vodaphone does offer unlimited on its home broadband and I think Tigo might on its mobile packages but I am not sure.

hi......can u tell me d price for DAT stuff and how to get it;I am interested

Hello, HKann... Just curious... Are you still using iburst? Is it still working well for you. I have an Glo USB device but the service is so slow, it's not meeting my needs for work. I'm looking for other options. Also, do you know of any places where there's WIFI available as in a coffee shop or bookstore. I may be asking for too much, but it doesn't hurt to ask. Thanks!

Iburst used to be good but I wouldn't recommend it now as it is working less than it works. We use surfline now for reliability but it is very expensive and data disappears at a great rate.
Not sure where you will find free wifi.  Think some of the coffee shops might offer it. The one in Afrikiko used to but it didn't work very often.
My Airtel wifi modem is reasonable and seems to work most of the time.

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