Jobs for unqualified foreigners

Hi everyone,

I am currently planning my move to Hanoi and am thinking about taking a CELTA course and teaching english, as many do. But I wanted to ask whether you know of any other fields where foreigners are actively sought, that don't require an expensive certificate. Did any of you perhaps start out with bartending or similar jobs?
My only real job experience is writing, so can't go for jobs that require lots of qualifications.

Thanks a lot for your answers.

Not based on personal experience but on many posts on the subject: most english teachers haven't taken Celta courses.  You can google to confirm that. (Note same Celta course for $2600 in San Francisco is $1750 in Saigon). There are many 120 hour online TEFL courses for a few hundred dollars.
Perhaps a Celta trains you better and can get you a job more easily at certain schools, however, even a low paid english teacher will make many more times than a bartender or hostel manager at a Vietnamese salary.
Alternatives are coming here working for an international company, or work online remotely, for western wages.

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