Hello, Tim here from Atlanta, USA

I have travelled to Mexico in past. I have a trip scheduled for Merida as I am considering renting there for 6 months to a year in anticipation of buying there and a permanent relocation.   Any information or suggestions are very welcome and appreciated!   I will be in Merida in February during Carnaval!
Thank you

We are moving around August to Merida and have been looking for rentals on airbnb. We are basically doing the same as you so best of luck to you.

Johnny and Debi

Thank you!    Oh wow...Merida in August...are you moving to centro district or Merida Norte?
I am visiting in February with the idea then of loking ot rent for 6 months to a year while I keep my home here in the mountains and see if I want to move there permanently.Best of luck to ya'll as well!

Yes in the centro area. We were there the first week of October and loved it. I want to be in the old colonial homes in the centro area.

We are selling everything and just taking clothes. If we ever decide we want to come back we can.


very nice and I wish you the very best....adventures are good...maybe I look you all up in February....I am very very happy for you both
Tim P

Welcome to the forum. I have traveled extensively in Mexico. I live in Texas, so that is my back yard so to speak. I was curious about your choice of cities. I tend to prefer the central highlands. Cooler, drier, fewer bugs.   What draws you to the Yucatan?

I am actually looking at all areas ans yes have heard the highlands aer more temperate.  I have always liked the Yucatan, but prefer areas away from tourist traps, as well as more resonable cost of living. I would rather live where there is access to nightlife, but more authentic ot the local culture.
Why do you ask?    Thank you for your response

I was just curious. I have made more than a dozen trips to Mexico, always traveling by bus or auto. But oddly enough, i have never been to the Yucatan.

My favorite place is Guanajuato. It is large enough to have the conveniences but not overrun by gringos. Tucked into a canyon with streets that become steps as they ascend the canyon walls. Give it a look as you roam around.

Zacatecas is even less overrun by gringos and has a centro that's like a well preserved colonial city.  Also worth a look if you don't mind altitude and freezing temperatures on winter nights.

I have passed through a couple of times. As you say, only downside is chilly nights

Big City Morelia and smaller city Zamora or Patzcuaro, all in Michoacan are in the highlands but warmer in winter and summer.  All three have their attractions though Patzcuaro maybe a gringo Mecca and lately Zamora, with almost no gringos, seems to be having a crime wave the last two years.

thank u very much!!
Are the cities you reference safe?  One hears so much about the drug wars here in the states?

Haven't been to Patzquaro.  Isn't the drug related crime higher in that state, tho?  Michoacan, I mean. It was just fine when I was there but it's been a decade.

Check the State Departmen's website for warnings.  Do take them with a grain of salt, tho.  I had a perfectly delightful time in San Cristobal de las Casas when the Zapatistas were supposed to be raining violence down upon the state of Chiapas.  There is always a grain of truth to the news, but it is heavily sensationalised in the U.S.A.  It sells newspapers and magazines......

vuguy3 :

thank u very much!!
Are the cities you reference safe?  One hears so much about the drug wars here in the states?

As I mentioned, Zamora has experienced an increased incidence of crime in the last couple of years.  Even so, my several friends there, all Mexican, are not upset.  The other two places are as safe as just about anywhere you might live in the US.  I know, it's pretty general.  I had no uncomfortable feelings of insecurity in any of the cities.

Hi Tim,

I lived in Merida 3 years.  Now live in Queretaro where the climate is cooler and dryer.   I left Merida because I got tired of the heat.   Otherwise, I would still be there.  If you don' mind heat, you will definitely love it.   The people are very friendly and there is a very active expat community there. 

Before I moved, I found a great expat forum,  The people on that forum are mostly American and Canadian exats and they know all the ins and outs for expats in Merida and the surrouding areas.  I followed their advise and had a very smooth transition.  If I were you, I would contact Yolisto and introduce myself, ask any questions and let them know when you will be there.

Yolisto also has an events calendar

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