Requirements for E-Visa

Hi. I Hope someone can help me in confirming the requirements in getting a visa. I have been reading alot about this but there's always a difference in the advises that they give.

The following is what i have confirmed so far that is needed for a Filipino to get e-visa?
•plane tickets
•fee for the visa

Let me know if there's any additional requirements. And also if e-visa is fine in Jaipur airport.

Any advise from you guys will be such a great help. Thank you.

Kind regards,

Apply for the e-visa online before you come. Here's the link:
Enjoy your stay in India!

For an employment visa you have also to submit your Letter of Appointment / Contract, which must respect the requirements and conditions specified by the Indian Embassy especially in terms of salary, undertaking signed by the employer, the education certifications or cv, that stated you are qualified for that job.
You have to have a health insurance that should cover the entire amount of time you are going to spend in India or for the duration of the Visa.

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