STD Treatment in Jeddah?

Hello guys,

This is Duglas who stay in Jeddah currently.
Recently some symptom appeared to my body, which is suspected to be Syphilis.

It can be easily cured in my country with anti-biotic or penicillin injection, but I'm not sure I can go hospitals without any problem.
I'm concerned that it would threaten my Iqama or working visa.

I tried to get DoxyCycline at pharmacy, but prescription is required to get anti-biotic.

Anyone please inform me good way to be cured.

I'm considering to go Bahrain to get treatment, but I cannot go Bahrain right now, and I'd like to finalize as soon as possible.
Your kind support would be highly appreciated.

Best regards,

STD or syphilis area very serious matter especially here in ksa....

This is very easy to treat. Get amoxicillin and take it orally for ten days two or three times day. Syphilis is very sensitive to penicillin's. If there is no response then it is almost certainly not syphilis.

Joseph De Soto MD, PhD, FAIC

Thank you very much foe your reply.

Regarding amoxicillin, can I het it easily at pharmacy without prescription?

If I need prescription, how I explain to doctor?

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Pharmacies in Bawadi are not particularly strict you could try your luck there  :unsure
Or any other district the same level with bawadi I guess

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