Fitness Centers in Jeddah (females only)

Stay fit and healthy
Heres a short list of fitness centers available for females in Jeddah.

E-spa - Phone # 2632094
Location: Tahlia Street just before Al-Zawaq bakery
treadmills/rowing Machines/Swimming pool

Gold's Gym - Phone # 691-2077
Location: Beside Saudi German Hospital
facility of leaving your child upto 5 years with baby sitter
Aerobics Hall, Squash Court, Basketball, Tennis court
Weight lifting machines
Trademills equipped with TV, bicycles,
Swimming pool

Olympia - Phone # 665-5000
Location: Palestine Street / branch of Dr. Sulaiman Faqih Hospital
Treadmills, bicycles, aerobics hall
Yoga, Kickboxing, Karate, aqua aerobics

Curves - Phone # 2900766 - 2880518 - 6638806 
Location: 1. Malik Road - 2. Tahliah Street - Behind Patchi & Cartier

I used to go to Golds Gym next to Saudi German. It is quite nice when you are interested in the gym only. However I found classes too full and they refuse to turn up the AC, so you will be sweating like a mad dog and can get sick easily.

Thanks for your valueable feedback. I thought Gold's gym is the best out there. I suggest you to try other fitness club and see how it goes...

I looked at most women's gyms in Jeddah and was quite frustrated. I have worked out at Gold's Gym for a year now. Although classes can be great when offered by a good instructor, the music is louder than music at a concert, and the sound system is low quality. One cannot enjoy the music because it is blasting at a louder level than any place else in the world (Europe, US, Gulf), and one may get run over by other participants. Although I am desperate to work out and I I even wear ear plugs, I usually leave with a headache. Just not worth it. I am desperately searching for a great workout/boxing gym for women. Anyone know a place where athletes workout?

i feel you on the music. i don't listen to music myself and the blasting is straight stupid. i only play basketball there... i want to find a gym where women can powerlift.... #wishfulthinking

Hello all,
I'm new in town & I would like your feedback on ladies' gyms in Jeddah.
If you have tried one or more please drop me a note & tell me which one you like/dislike & why

Thank you

Looking for best female Gym for sister in Jeddah

Any suggestion...?

I haven't lived in Jeddah for a while now
But I hear that fitness industry is really picking up!!
Many great instructors are offering classes at their own private gym, usually an apartment or basement  turned gym.. There are even bootcamps going around town. Being a personal trainer myself, I believe you really don't need a gym to get & stay fit... A good instructor with few tools can be as good as, if not better than, a gym!! especially when you do functional overall exersises that use your own body weight to get fit!!!
I suggest checking out instagram or snapchat to get to know what's happening in town

Hi dear, I feel you with music.
There's this gym that recently opened, they have kickboxing, MMA conditioning, cross fit, yoga and bodybuilding. It's a great place!

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Hey everyone ,, This is my first post here

I am from jeddah and i reckon the best fitness club here for Ladies is the Z Club. It is in Altahlia Street. My wife goes there and she find it much better than Golden Gym or Curves. Their services are really good and the best thing they have is the open swimming pool and the classes. However, it is little bit pricey.



How much the fees of z club?

As far as I know 7000 a year.


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Hello i just want to know about E-spa fitness fees for ladies becoz i want to join it.rep me as soon as possible.thank you

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Is there any reasonable swimming classes available for ladies

Hi miss neriel! Can u shoot me an email. Im interested. xxx

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Can I.plz know

How much the fees for underground sa?

Sme looking for a good GYM for ladies in jeddah ....if smone could help

would you be please kind enough to tell how about the membership and how to find the location or any appropriate website or facebook page

can u plz locate me !
thanx :)

How much is the price of z club

Does anyone have an updated list of reasonable female only fitness centers for 2017? Also swimming pools for laps for females?

There is new fitness center with more than 10+ classes, called Studio55. They have offers right now.

I use Gold's gym - you can find the info on their website and on Instagram.  The branch at Zahraa has a pool with aqua aerobics and swimming (check the dress code first) and there are 3 other branches with classes and equipment. The monthly fees are steep but better if you buy for 6 months at a time and membership gives you unlimited access to all the branches.

Hello friends.. New here.. I want to join gym. Does any gym in jeddah provide kids care.. As i hav 3 yr old daughter.. I m interested in z club.. Anyone kno abt dis? Plz help

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