Moving to New York

Hi All

Iam looking to move to New York but i cant seem to get visa sponsorship. i have  applied for numerous jobs on Career builder and got positive feedback but the only problem they dont do Visa Sponsorship i was wondering if anybody can help. Being a New Yorker its been my dream as far back as i can remember. Please assit with a visa sponsorship even with low entry job will work my self up. It dosent matter how insignificant it might seem iam more than willing to start at the bottom as long as iam in my dream City. NYC

what do you do?  you need to be in a high demand profession to be sponsored. put your resume on it is a better site or google specialized sites in your profession.

Unfortunately banking is not in high demand especially customer liaison and lateral strategist. Iam using indeed as well. haven't had any luck, i have job offers via skype and interviews requiring my presence and most companies promised to hire me when iam in the states not when iam still in Zim. I guess my major problem is getting to the states thus it. Anyone please ASSIT.

Consult with an immigration attorney, as a work visa or job sponsorship is not the only basis for immigration. If it's business related visas, there are special categories. There are also special categories for certain types of individuals (e.g., extraordinary ability).

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