usa citizen marrying colombian woman to live with in USA

hey guys i am a new member here. my name is Anthony and I am an american citizen. i have travelled to Cartagena Colombia 3 times in 2006, 2013 and just recently got back this year. i have recently met the love of my life in Colombia so special to me and I would like to bring her to the usa to live with me and have children.

my question is that i was first thinking the k1 fiancee visA would be best. After speaking with my girlfriend she said many of her friends told her it is much better and faster and easier for me to marry in colombia first and then bring her to the usa. i believe this way is called the k3 visa. can you guys please tell me from experience what is the best and safest way for us to do this? i am planning a consultation with my lawyer to help with this also but any info you guys could give me would be so wonderful. thanks guys so much.

I cannot speak from experience.  But I think that going through a K1 Visa would be better in the long run.  If you married her in Colombia I would think that you are obligated to the Colombian courts should you ever get divorced.

You do not need a lawyer. Most paperwork could be done by yourself.
Best option is to bring here on a Fiancee visa and see how it goes. Things change once people come down here. You will have 3 months to figure this out.
You may have to do this soon. The laws are changing and suddenly  it may be repealed, for reasons such as fraud etc.
Take a chance and work on the Fiancee visa. In the long run you will be better off.


If I was you, I will stay in Colombia; that way you can keep her on a leash.
Once she is in the USA, no one knows how things will turn out. I do not know what is your money situation. If you are rich, watch out protect your self. If you are poor, the worst thing could happen she leaves you for some one else in the US. If you can stay in Colombia will be better. 2 things a man needs to be happy with Latin american women:
money and a big john. The rest through out of the window. Spend your resources carefully so they can last.

From what I understand, the K3 visa is somewhat obsolete, it's better in that situation to apply for a CR1 visa,

Also, I'd be reluctant to take advice from anyone draws parallels between a woman and  a dog, and believes that money and endowment are all that's needed to get through a marriage,

Here is the best way to do it, and do not do anything else:

1) Marry her in Colombia and get a marriage certificate.

2) apply for wife petition with the consulate in Bogota or somewhere else. You will have  to show you filed taxes for the past 3 years, and you can support her financially in the  US. Even if you have money in the bank; they still want to see tax things. And of
course pay them for the petition around $700 if not more. you have to make $20,000 or more a year for them to approve your application. They also need medical and other paper on her you can do in Colombia a lot less than the US. Mine took 3
months.   If you bring her to the US and somehow things do not work out with ICE
trump will deport her in no time. Plan carefully.

3) And in all honestly the US getting more expensive. And if you have kids, it is very hard  to leave the US. I made this mistake and I'm paying for it. Colombian guys know how  to control their women. They cheat on their women and women still stay. Colombian
women go after gringos because they can get a way from the trap. They are smart and
dangerous  women. Learn from their men otherwise you be controlled by a Colombian.
Stick with the Mexican women, they are at least more natural with their body.
Whatever you do, it will be better than marrying a US woman where divorce statistic around 60%. You do the math on that one.

And to romaniac. Obviously you have never dated a pretty Latin woman 9 plus, therefore, you have no idea what it takes to keep one around.

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