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Hi all!

I would appreciate some advice from anyone who has switched from the J1 Visa to another Visa. I am currently an au pair in her second year and I would love to stay as I realised how much I love America and in particular New York. I have lived in Westchester and am currently in Princeton New Jersey and I am looking for a job in the New York area.

I have been informed I can switch to a H1-B non cap visa (which can be filed anytime all year round as long as it is a research job or non-profit organisation), or an E Visa especially for Australians. I have the waiver on my passport meaning I do not have to return to my home country before switching to the other Visa. I have spoken to a number of lawyers but the issue seems to be finding the company first and lining up a job before the application can take place.

My experience includes a Bachelor of Science (Psychology), experience as an Au Pair, management experience in a retail job and childcare experience. I also love music and study it online while I have been over here at Berklee College of Music. I would be keen to work in jobs relating to childcare, performing arts/music, healthcare etc. and feel I could make a good contribution to these types of fields.

Any advice or referrals would be greatly appreciated as I would love to make New York my home!

Thank you!

To have a visa, you must have at least a Master. You will have never a visa for work in retail or childcare because there are already a lot of people in USA to make these jobs... (indeed, your employer has to prove he can't take an American or a resident...)

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