Living cost in Malacca

Hi. Just wondering what is the average living cost per month in Malacca?

Thank you

hi there, it all depends on what you expect from your life here.

in general prices are lower than in the rest of malaysia, especially the food.

i can only tell you the cost when i know your needs


Living cost varies almost as much, or even more, on the type of lifestyle you're seeking. I find that KL is very affordable, but my wife (born Malaysian) and I live like the the locals, eat at food stalls, shop at wet markets (at least my wife does), live in a simple low cost terrace house (my wife bought before prices went crazy), and drive locally made cars. I use a scooter to get to/from work to save on petrol.

Others that rent condos in town, hire drivers, eat in 5-star restaurants and like to drink (alcohol can cost more than a meal in most places, I remember paying RM6 for my meal and RM20 for a couple of beers back when I used to drink) and drive imported cars. 

So without knowing your lifestyle there is no way to answer your question.

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