Teaching in Ha Noi without a degree

Hi Guys,

Just looking for some advice please, I'm an English native speaker from London and will be completing my TEFL course at the end of this month. The only issue is that I do not hold a Degree. Is it possible to find work without one?



Hi Louie,
Absolutely man! First congrads on your decision to settle in Vietnam. You are gonna love it. Most schools hiring here are in desperate need of teachers. They are language centers, for college age students that just want enhance their speaking and pronunciation. Flip side there are a ton of schools for primary age students 5-12 years old. These schools don't require degrees and you will be able to find ample work.

The schools you would need a degree are large corporate language centers like ILA and VUS. Other schools such as official Government schools will require it.

Go to facebook groups, like Hanoi Teachers, Hanoi Teaching Jobs, and you will find recruiters from language centers that you can start applying to right now and have some jobs lined up before you land (assuming you aren't here yet).

Good luck with everything.

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Lots of jobs for teachers without degree's but you may not able to satisfy the Business Visa requirements unless you can provide evidence of over 5 years teaching experience.

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