Agent fees ?

Hello Everybody
About how much an agent will charge if they do the MM2H filling application ?and is there any guaranty that they will not take my money without doing the job while i am living abroad.

There is no standard rate for an agency fee. If the agency is genuine, they will opt for a payment scheme e.g 10% upon registration, 40% upon interview and 50% balance upon approval. The rogue ones will ask you to pay full payment upfront and then when they receive the money, you will never see them again. It is recommended that you approach registered agents with MM2H or recommended agents (not all are scammers!)

Most agencies would put into cost of their license fees, documentations, pro-rate time in assisting you to process the registration and follow ups. This will give applicants a peace of mind that the work is being done by an agent without personally going through long wait time and frequent follow ups. Any form of visa application can be frustrating!

Trusting agents charge slightly cheaper fees than agencies. However again, beware of scammers.

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