Advice on area to stay in Riyadh

Hi All,

I am software engineer from India , currently working in Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) . I have secured a job in Riyadh and planning to move around December.

Initially I will be coming alone and later bringing my wife and 3 year old daughter.

I have heard about Hara and Malaz are popular among Asian expats. I need advice which area is better to live . I am looking for a place which is
1. Safe
2. Nearby an Indian CBSE school as I will need to enroll my daughter soon.
3. Not densely populated and commercialized but a calm residential place.
4. Within 30K annual rent for atleast a 2 bedroom house/apartment

I am not sure about my work location yet, however, it does not matter much as I am used to heavy traffic and high commute time. (I consider 45 minutes as normal)

Can someone please help me in deciding which is a good location in Riyadh for expats (from India).

Thank you

Welcome to Riyadh, hara and Malaz r densed locations with too many Indians, Pakistanis and Bengalis. These places would be good for u if u feel like surrounded by Indian people and can get anything within walkable distance. If u r looking for some peaceful place would suggest u to move away from these locations. If u know driving would be better to stay somewhere nice place around the city. Also make sure ur work place would be near to that. For 30k u can find good two bedroom appartment, so don't worry about the housing but worry about the place u may choose. First find out ur work location and then I can guide u with suitable location to stay and also suitable for ur kids school.

Hi Suribhai,

Thank you for the response :)

My office location can be either at Supreme road , Al-olaya street , near Al Hammadi hospital OR in Al- Mursalat .

I prefer being surrounded by people from India , Bangladesh, Pakistan as it is easy to socialize. However, I am open for any location where the house is good and fulfills my basic requirements.


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