job prospects with no degree

Hi everyone :)

I am planning to move to Bangkok late November - I was looking for work as a junior web developer and according to work visa requirements you need a degree? which I don't have. A couple of web agencies have gotten back to me and said come in for an interview once I'm in Bangkok but haven't mentioned anything about work visa requirements.

My question is - is it possible to get work as a web developer for a company without a degree? are they able to still organise a work visa for a prospected employee? Would anyone be willing to hire someone with out a work visa?  I was planning on starting off with a 1 year re-entry student visa.


Could be wrong but education visa does not allow you to work.

Working in Thailand requires a business visa and work permit.  The business visa usually requires employer help to obtain and work permit application is made by the employer.  Working without work permit is illegal. one friend from aukaland newzealand working  in bankok thialand.can u tell me1)u r fresher or u have work experiwnxe?? 2) which orogeaming skill u have wjich language u r good??  llz give reply

it is possible, yeah. but of course it depends on your skills. FYI. there are a lot of good web developers in Thailand so why hire if there are a lot here who can speak their language

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