New arrival in Riyadh - Question on Housing

Hi everyone,

I live in the U.S. and having gotten an offer from my employer's Saudi member firm, I am contemplating a move to Riyadh along with my family (wife + 3 kids) at the beginning of next year. It will be great if you guys could help me figure out the housing situation.

My goal is to live in a compound but don't intend to spend more than 145,000 SAR annually. Is that a realistic number to get situated in a good (not average) compound in Riyadh? And if yes, could you guys suggest a few compounds that would conform to that range?

Thanks a bunch!


Hi ahmer

There are a few compounds that are in that price range but they won't be very big. You can find a 2 bedroom for around that price. There is a really nice compound with bigger flats but it is a short drive on the outskirt of riyadh. Its called Bonita. You can find most compounds online and if prices aren't shown you can contact most via email to get up to date prices and info.

Best of luck

You will get plenty of secure and pocket-friendly compounds here. It is just a search away.

See ya around ! :idontagree:


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