Don't import vehicle to Ghana

This is just some sound advice from my experience. If you are moving to Ghana and have a vehicle you want to import. DON'T DO IT!!! Sell it and purchase another vehicle when you arrive. In fact try to import as few items into Ghana as possible because many will be stolen and you will definitely be overcharged from the clearing agent and customs. For example, if you import a 5 year old vehicle with a current value of $6000, but the price of vehicle when it was brand new was $40,000 then they will tax you on half the brand new value and you will end up paying about 25,000GHC to customs and at least 1,000GHC to the clearing agent. This is more than what the vehicle is worth.

They have an online vehicle duty calculator that will estimate the duty, but it asks you to enter the product value and doesn't make it clear that this value is the amount when the vehicle was brand new. I'm in the process of clearing two pickup trucks now and it's costing me dearly.

Thanks for the advice - it is very sound

Yes do not import anything to ghana unless you have good connections with some people to help you. Never go official ways.

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