How to sort out overstay issue with immigration?

Hello,my name is Baba...I'm a Nigerian descent even though I used to live in the U.K before I moved to Ghana last year September.

I came into GH with my Nigerian passport and I was stamped in to stay for  60 days which expired 31st October 2016.

I wasn't sure if I was going to stay here full time as at the time I was coming, but I later made up my mind to stay afterwards...

I live in the Northern region at the moment. I'm planning to even start a business as well but it is almost impossible to do anything (business registration, account opening etc) cos I would need my ID card (The International passport) , and I know they would figure out I have overstayed.

Has anyone experienced anything similar or do you have an idea of how I can sort this out.

Your two penny contribution would be most appreciated.


You will either have to go to Immigration and pay the overstay fee and then leave the country and get a new visa or leave the country and go to Nigeria on a visit and get another visa and when you arrive change it to a resident's permit.
Are you sure you actually need a visa if you ate Nigerian? I thought travellers from ECOWAS countries can travel without one. You need to check

You will need to pay a fine for overstaying the time granted upon entrance.As a Nigerian you don't need a visa and the fine for an Ecowas citizen for overstaying is lower than for other nationals.It's a certain amount per month.After settling that you can apply for a residence permit which will enable you to open a bank account.

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