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Dear members,

I am moving to kenya in a company provides furnished accommodation and maid service. Along with morals allowance arround 30000 Kenyan selings. Is that enough to survive for single person. Transportation and medical also provided by company.kindly help me. How is general accommodation provided by company. How much one need for food. If preparing it at home. How much other expenses like give me brief idea.

It rather depends upon your lifestyle.  You won't be able to have a luxurious one on Ksh 30,000 per month (Ksh 1000 per day).  Nairobi isn't a cheap city.

bro . i am nt looking for luxury life. i want know whether i can manage my food and other daily minimum expenses with that amount.honestly speaking food,mobile, etc

Hi erion, many local kenyans earn less than your allowance monthly, by that means, it is enough


Check out a site it gives you statistics on what to expect.  It is not much exact but more or less gives a great idea and tips on various issue.
I am a nairobian but still find it quite informative.


What I meant is that if you want to travel about and do safari, eat out, things like that, then the money won't go far at all.  I obviously don't know anything about your spending habits.  But, as pointed out above; many Kenyans earn this amount and less and manage to bring up families on it.

Dear erion1,
That amount is way too little for you to hop on a plane and come to a foreign country for...We Kenyans can try survive on that amount because we know where to cheap meal,we go to cheap markets for foodstuff and most have a side job which will help them meet their needs.

My honest opinion,don't travel,unless there is something else you want to do here,like put up a business eventually.


yes i wd like to hv some tour in future. initially i wd like to sustain and save money. minimize expenses. as an expat i wd like to earn there.if possible i wd like travel masai mara  with in year or so. if i prepare my own fodd. wat will b the expenses like to be. i can cook myself. maid wil b bonus.wat about net pack charge der which is essential .

i m going for short term,

As an example;  our weekly food bill is Ksh 5000 - 8000 (for a family though).  Things like toilet rolls, rice, cooking oil and sugar are pricey.  Mobile phone;  maybe Ksh 200 - 500 per week calling credit.  Data bundles Ksh 1000 for 3gb.  In reality, this lasts 2 or 3 days of you are a heavy user and stream videos and download apps, for example.

Safari prices for residents, as an example locally to me;  Ol Pejeta, about Ksh 2500 to get in (with vehicle and residents ID).  Accommodation starts at Ksh 4500 per night.  For The Ark; approx Ksh 15,000 per night.  Outspan Hotel; Ksh 12,000 per night,  Greenhills Hotel approx Ksh 9000.   None of these include transport (approx Ksh 350 - 450 each way, Nairobi to Nyeri, by matatu).  Even going out and having food in Nairobi can easily finish your daily allowance.

Although your Ksh 30,000 is essentially 'pocket money', I think that you will definitely find yourself lacking.  Saving enough for safari is likely to take a long time.

Thanks. Friend

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