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If anyone is in need of a house help it is my pleasure to recommend Esther. Esther worked for me during my last year in Kenya as a house help in my own house. After me she worked for another Swedish family for two years. For the past year she has worked for two families part time, one of which recently left. So I promised I would help her with a recommendation.

Esther has proven to be very honest, reliable and time conscious. She was appreciated by my family as well as the tenants I had and she has carried out her duties in a very professional way. Esther is a very hard working woman who follows instructions well and takes own positive initiatives.

I can honestly say that Esther is the best employee I had during my three years in Kenya. I was very sad to have to let her go as I moved back to Sweden. Esther was given more and more responsibility as time went by and she never disappointed, instead she always delivered in a very positive way.

It is for these and other reasons that I wholeheartedly recommend Esther for any private person or organization. If you have any additional questions concerning Esther, please contact me.



Sebastian Bay, ***

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Hello Sebastian Bay and welcome on board

I invite you to drop an advert recommending Esther in the Personal and household services job offers in Kenya so as to increase chances to getting her an employment.

Best Regards

Thank you for the edit and the recommendation. I have placed an ad there as well. I hope it was done correctly. Kindly, Sebastian

Hallo Sebastian,
I saw your house recommendation. We need a good honest housekeeper. Is it possible if I can get contacts of Esther? I hope to hear from you.

Best regards,
Loise Harrewijn

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Sure! I have sent you a message with her number. She will be very happy I am sure to hear from you. I know she is still looking for another part-time job to support her family.

Message me if you have any questions.



hi. Did Esther get a job?

Hi! She is still looking for work a few more days a week (2 days if I am not mistaken, as she currently works for another family 3 days if I understand it right).

I just spoke to Esther and one of the families she worked for is leaving now so she has a few open days if anyone is in need of a house help I do recommend her.

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