So what do most people here do for work?

Just curious.  What's the mix of professions amongst the expat community?


I kind of got the impression that most of the expats were in some way connected with the oil company, and I was curious whether that was accurate or not. 

(If I came, I wouldn't be, so I was wondering if that would be unusual).

Oh you can find every single profession here, like im a game developer my self.

Construction field is well spread here too. There are also various IT companies that develop sites/apps.

Actually i see that most expats here are teachers :)

Also most fitness instructors are westeners...

Oh well you won't find bartenders ( as alcohol is illegal) and prostitutes ( if the latter is considered as a profession XD)

That's really interesting, thanks.  It's so hard to know, when you're reading about a place, how much is reality and how much is someone else's projection!

oh yeah that's totally true!

Feel free to ask anything you want

Internal auditor  :cheers:

English instructor...for the oil companies.  A two-for-one, you might say.

I help companies protect their data. :)

PM @ a gov sector

Im a doctor. A radiologist 😊

so much varieties...
yes of course, in oil industry but apart from that, there are:
working in fashion retail in malls,
food retails like restaurants,
teachers, doctors and nurses
real states developers, sales
almost every professions.
and of course our dear domestic helpers who are maintaining our homes and offices etc...

I'm a hotelier! Am I the first one to say that? 😊 I work as a Cluster Training Manager for the Millennium and Copthorne hotels in kuwait. I've met people who work in different fields and big companies like Siemens, Mercedes, ABB and the likes. There's a huge number of educators from all levels and Well, all sorts of other professions too.


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