mixt marriage

Hello everyone  :)
I am a morrocan, living in tangier who is about to get married with a spanish citizen which is living in England

we got ready all the papers that we will need they are getting translated now and in two weeks my fiancee will be here in morocco i just want to know what's excatly the process we will need to do step by step
i hope someone answer me  :)

You want to know the process for what? Getting married in Morocco or in England, or something else?

Yes I want to know the process of getting married in Morocco and after that we should register our marriage in the Spanish embassy here in tangier bcz he is Spanish the problem is we don't know after that what we should do!!
Apply for Spanish residence visa or apply for UK marriage visa bcz he lives in England not in Spain!

Hi Zahrita,

As you wish to get married in Morocco, your topic has been moved to the Morocco forum.



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