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Need help finding the right school for my son. He will be in a grade 10 when we move to Bangalore from Toronto Canada. He is in the Canadian system so America or Canadian would be the first option.
As he is a Equestrain  would like to live near a stable and have the school in the same area if possible.
Will need to live in the same area too.
Thanks in advance

In Bangalore you may find International schools, check on the web.

Hi Dannie,

What school did you choose for your son? My family are also considering a move to Bangalore. We are currently in Poland but have previously lived in Toronto for 3 years. Any advice would be great.

I have 2 boys: 10 grade 5 - and 3 starting JK in September

Thanks for your help.


You could consider Embassy International School, it has the Embassy Riding School with it. Located in North Bangalore in close proximity to the airport.

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