Moving personal goods

Is there a list somewhere that tells what you can not bring into Mexico when you move your household items?  I swear I saw someplace it said no oriental rugs!  That's got to be a misprint!

I would suggest you call the closest mexican consulat or embassy. The know about the household goods certificat and probably could know the answer  to your question or could refer you to the right place.

Good luck, GyC

You might contact a mover who uses a conpany the handles international moves to answer those questions.  United Van Lines put me in touch with a company that had clear and correct answers.  That was 8 years ago and I don't remember the name.

Thanks for the info

Good Day:
We packed up our vehicle and moved to Cabo 4 weeks ago. It took 24 driving hours with one over nighter. We crossed the border at Tijuana and they xrayed our vehicle it was very painless. Our property manager said just don't bring guns or drugs and it will be fine and so it was.

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