About marriage documents

What should be the requirements . Is it should be a red ribbon from Philippines or is it okay here in Norway

It should be from the Philippines. Both Birth cert and CENOMAR (certificate of no marriage)  should be authenticated (red ribbon) for using abroad. Philippine Embassy in Oslo doesn't do the authentication of documents.

Please refer to this forum : FAQ:Getting Married on a Tourist Visa
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I personally read those posts and it really helped me a lot. Plus, there are lots of people that shared their own experiences as well. So I hope those links will help you too. ;)

Oh thanks for reply.

Do you have any idea how to send my papers in legit way . I'm here now in Norway

You will find the documents you need at All the documents should be authenticated by the authorities from the Philippines. Contact the embassy in Oslo if you need these services.

Hello  what if I have only one birthcerfificate that I have here. Di I need to other one because one for marriage an one for the UDI

Hei! I did not get your question.

I mean I have one one copy of my birthcerfificate . One for marriage requirement and for UDI right ?


They only copy all documents. They don't take the original from you 😎

Ah thanks

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