How long it takes to get divorce in Norway

I am planning to get married with a norwegian woman.
She has ended a year of separation with her husband.
They both have sent 2 testimonies signed by 2 persons who know about their separation to confirm their situation.
How long then it will be needed to get the final document of divorce.
Thanks your kind attention & help.

1 year trial separation and another year of waiting for their finality papers. and if she wants to get married again within 2 yrs her divorce has been granted, she needs the ex husband to sign a notice paper called Erklæring om skifte - ekteskapsloven § 8

You will also need 2 witnesses, 1 for you and 1 for her for the paper called førlover upon submitting the requirements in skatt.

but they've agreed about their separation & they have sent their separation document since one year ago (they have signed it both since last august 2016)...
Now they have 2 witnesses (one from the wife's side & one from the husband's) who signed documents proving they were separated since one year ago.
How long it can take till the woman gets finally her divorce paper since we plan to get married in November.
Thanks your kind reply 😊🌹...

Yes they need 1 witness for her and 1 the ex - that's for the divorce process.

"If a couple have children under the age of 16, they are obliged to attend mediation proceedings at a family counselling office as the first step before a petition for separation or divorce is filed with the County Governor. They must have a valid mediation certificate.

An official separation can be granted by application to the County Governor. The marriage certificate and mediation certificate must be enclosed with the application. As long as a couple are separated, they are still formally married, but, under the provisions of the Marriage Act, they can demand that their estate be divided. They may also be entitled to child maintenance contributions if there are joint children. If the couple move back together again, the separation is terminated.

A petition for divorce can be filed one year after a separation order is granted. This is done by applying to the County Governor.

In some cases, a divorce can be granted if the parties have not lived together for two years "

In my husband's experience with his divorce from the ex- wife, they separated for a 1 year, got officially separated then divorce. It took exactly 2 years of waiting for the process.

Thanks Alina for the info,
any chance please we talk on a messenger so I tell you more details.
Our wedding is scheduled for november 2017.
My woman thinks she can get her divorce paper very soon.
Thanks your kind understading.

You're welcome. Glad to help. Sorry but I don't have messenger. I do hope she understands that it's minimum 2 years for the process. I'm not sure it can be any faster than that unless the law changes here in Norge. lol

They've agreed about everything,
properties & their son of 9 years old.
They have met the child care since one year and the person in charge there have agreed about how to share time to take their son  with each one of them (the father & mother).
They are agreed about everything.

I have a Vietnam friend that recently married a man from Norway. She regrets getting married to him and wants to divorce him. What are the steps and how long is the waiting period to apply for the divorce?

Hi  what Alina just explained is the complete truth. am  in the same condition as you. my girl got separated one yr ago and we wanted the get married but skatt( Tax ) told us we have to wait for another one year,  how ever the issue  was we can only get married if her Ex husband sign a certain document of which out of wickedness he refuse and is current out of EU with no hope to ever return but we have to wait until the two yrs elapses .  i think the best option is for you to wait until she gets her final papers . i don't know why Norway made it so complicated ,  they only hurry up things when is of the disadvantage of the applicant .

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