Pregnant in Craiova - which clinic for birth?

I am living since one year in Romania and will give birth in February. I would like to do it in Craiova where I live, but I am afraid of the state hospital. I have been there a few times, the nurses and the doctor I met are nice, but it is dirty and some medical equipment like simple tissues were missing.

Can anyone recommend me a maternity clinic in Craiova? I have a private health insurance and I prefer to pay good money for good treatment and clean environment, instead of going to cheap service in state hospital and pay bribes.

Thanks a lot for help and information

Hi Isabel, my son was born in Craiova last October. I can give you any advice you need. One thing to mention first; even though we went private our Doctor insisted the birth happened in the main hospital. The private hospitals are less equipped for medical emergencies and the journey to the main hospital in such cases can prove critical for mother or baby. We were glad we took his advice as my partner had problems during caesarean. Most of the private doctors will insist on the same. How long have you left? I hope you are good and enjoying the pregnancy :)

I heard a lot of stories of the bribe culture. I don't think they tried it on to excess with me, but I am aware of quite a lot of money passing into white coat pockets. That's in the main hospital before and after the birth. That night I was up and down those stairs to the 24 hour pharmacy at least 4 times. painkillers, syringes, etc, etc. You will find stocks of everything are low or non existent. You will have no problems if you are prepared.

As for private Doctors, I would recommend Dr Dominic Iliescu, the best in Craiova if not the country. He remains a personal friend and continues to help my charity work. His scanning equipment is top class and his training is second to none. I'm back in UK for a bit, if you want to talk in person, no problem at all.

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