New in Kuwait !!✌️

Is here any europeans in Kuwait??

Yes, a lot.

Hint: In the top Community menu you will find a members option that will allow you to search for a particular nationality in a specific location, including Kuwait.

Thank u✌️

Lot's of Europeans in Kuwait....

Thank u!
Where can I find them? 🙄 is here any partys or get togheter?

Mail me ***

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nadeem139 :

Mail me ***

She can mail you directly in your inbox in this site...just saying :)

firstly you shouldnt be sharing your email on a public forum "/

second, welcome SV to the Kuwait community!

u need only click the word "community" above, select "members", and u'll be ableto search the forum users by nationality.

enjoy your stay!


Welcome to Kuwait! I hope you will like our country.   :gloria

Thank u Dana🙏

Welcome to you, too.

Dear Don't Worry I Can help for general services
Please be InTouch

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