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Hello all,

First of all thank you everyone here in this very helpful forum you guys have assisted me lot  :) . and here Yesterday I have applied for a family immigration/resident permit in Norway while I was on tourist/visit visa, they asked me if I have higher education (which I have qualification as a skilled worker with 6 years+ experience as an IT Specialist). They accepted my application and I was given a DUF number with 12 digits.  When I asked the officer who was handling our case if I can remain in Norway while waiting for the application process her answer was "I don't know, but I think you can stay".

So Anyone here if been through such, and have an experience, this would be so much of a help. My visa won't expire before 2019 as I have a 4 years tourist visa. But im worried about the 90 days in each 180 days rule, as I been coming to Norway so much, that I have only 8 days left in my 90 days rule, and im unsure if I can remain here now that I applied from Norway and have received the DUF number.

Again thank you all for your help always, your experience is very much appreciated. And sorry if this been asked before.

Hi stivenson,

Did you submit them a proof that you have higher education? I also have IT background and submitted here in Norway. I have included my diploma and TOR in the application. They checked my documents if I am qualified as skilled worker. And since it was handled by the Politi, they didn't really give me a formal letter. They just said I am allowed to stay.

I think if UDI handled your case, then they should give you a letter that says you can stay? Not sure about this one tho... Maybe others have this kind of experience. Anyway, I think the best thing you can do is to call UDI and ask about your case.

Thank you, yeah I handed a certificate shows my experience as an IT specialist that was obtained throughout my career for over 6 years and was handed to the politi but they will forward the case to the UDI, and I've called the UDI and they said if I have a visa then yes I can stay here, and they didn't seem to be aware of we'll unformed about the 90 days rule of the C type visa, the UDI did not give any letter except for today I received an email indicate a confirmation that the UDI received my application and shows my birth date and the DUF number. Thank you for your response.

As long as the politi said that it's ok then you don't have a problem even if your tourist visa expires. Since you have received an email that UDI have received your application, you can call them now to ask for a letter of proof of legal stay, tell them you are waiting for a result of your application here in Norway.

Thank you Stephy25, I will call them tomorrow and ask for proof letter of legal stay. Thanks for your posts always helpful.

I called them yesterday and they said yea they can send such a thing via mail. Thank you all and especially thank you Stephy25.

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