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My name is Shaniqua and I’m considering moving to Ghana with my two kids ages 12 and 4. I wanted to know information in regards to schooling and areas that are safe and reasonable. I will be working on a project with my employer but it’s not a requirement that I move to Ghana, so I will be doing this move alone. I currently make 75k USD and wanted to ensure I’m able to make it on my currently salary. I also have a MSW and will be looking for additional employment as time goes on, my goal is to live in Ghana for a year. Any information on what I should expect would be helpful.


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Hi. It really depends on the type of education you want for your children as if you want them to go to one of the recognised international schools you will be looking at    $20/30,000 per year for the older one. Then there is housing. If you want to live in an expat area in a three bedroomed property you will probably pay up to $36000 and you will need to pay that up front. From these costs you will see that it isn't cheap to live here as you will also need some form of medical cover and transport of some kind.
Your salary is fantastic by Ghanaian standards and would give you a great lifestyle if you are prepared to use local schools and live in an area away from the expat areas but you will have to do your your homework and look into schooling and housing before making your decision. I suggest you look at as there is information there on schooling and housing in Accra.

First of all, Ghana is a safest country in whole Africa,  therefore, I advise you to move on without being afraid of your children safety, and fortunately, in Ghana you can get very good school , especially,  the one that established by expatriates.
For business matter and the profits,  nobody can guarantee that,  it's depending on several factors.
Hope for you all the best.

gHANA is a safe and peaceful country but cost of living is very high 75k sounds like a lot but its not if you have to pay for your own accommodation, schoolfees and transport, medical insurance . if you want to live in a expart area its even costing more with kids because we pay U$ 3700 per semester for our 3 kids at BIS then comes the extra activities at school which you have to pay extra then comes the food thats between 2500-3000 but if you eat the local food its far cheaper you have to do proper homework before coming here. if i had to choose i wouldnt prefer to live in Ghana but the way each one see things are different.

Proper homework can not be overlooked. Like moving to any country other than your place of birth, due diligence is a key + willingness to learn the culture and adapt to the good portions of it. That can make your transition seamless.

enjoy your move.

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