Hi guys,

I just came across the BEST pizzas in Accra, and thought I should share this valuble info, as the Pizzas at Accra Mall were a bit disappointing the last time I was there.

Its a little place in East Legon at Le Baron Hotel (in the area of A&C Mall).

The guy's name is Perry... he is renting a space at the Hotel, and makes the most AWESOME pizzas...

Do yourself a favour, and pop in some time...

Its close to the American House intersection...


We took your advice and went for a pizza which unfortunately did not quite live up to the hype. If you want good pizza go to Mamma Mia's off Oxford Road.

Ho NO!!

Thats unfortunate...

I will definately try them out...


Has anyone tried Papa's pizza in east legon?

Ive actually  tried it before its okay, you should try the Mamma Mia though its an italian Restaurant, you could try Frankies Pizza which is also in Osu, and PaPa's pizza in East Legon its really good.

In Kumasi, we've found good pizza at Nik's. It's a little hard to find, near Ahodwo roundabout in the neighborhood just north of the Hotel Georgia.

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