Co-tenant and tenant (me)

Dear Friends,

I need your advice based on my situation below.

I am a Student from Taylor's university. I rent a room in LaCosta Sunway since 1 May 2016 until 1 October 2016. My room rental for a month is RM1200 for a small room.

When I move in, I paid for the room rental first on May. Then at the end of May, I paid my first installment for the room deposit. The co-tenant said she will give me a contract but since I move in till I move out there's no contract given. I've also paid my second installment on June and last installment I've paid is on July.

Due to personal arguments and fights between the co-tenant on 24 September 2016,  she asked me to move out from the house in 5 working days. I told her I can move out but I need my deposit back. She said "okay, 3k is nothing". But when I move out on 1st October 2016, she told me, in order for me to get my deposit back, the owner need to come and inspect the room and in 5 working days the owner will give my deposit back. She told me that the owner said she will come around 3 October to 5 October 2016 to inspect the room but when I ask her again, she said the owner went somewhere.

I've never met the owner since I move in, whatever payment I pay to the co-tenant. I have all the details when I paid her. Even though I paid the deposit by installment, I never delay paying room rental every month. And I never delay when it comes to electricity and wifi bills.

And OH! I saw her posting the small room in iBilik yesterday.

Please tell me what's the best solution for this. And I just want to know if it's wrong to pay the deposit by installment?

Dear Annabelle, to begin with RM1,200 is a real rip-off. You could get a cheaper single unit apt around Taylor's at RM800. If there is no formal contract the "owner" can evict you without any formal notice even though you can prove that payment has been made. At most, you can make a police report to accuse her of cheating. If she refuse to pay your deposit (regardless when it is paid) my sincere advice is to talk to her gently and tell her honestly that you need the money while you really like to maintain a good relationship with her.

you been dealing with the co-tenant all this while. As long as she is satisfy with your room's condition when u vacate, there is not a need for owner to have a look. She may want to delay paying back the Deposit.

You have to ask the deposit back from co-tenant, not the owner.

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