Hofuf looking for fellow expats

Hi. I am an English speaking South African male in my 20s. Looking for other English speaking expats to hang out with. Let me know,

Hello ybalie :cheers:

Subscribing to the Networking in Khobar section of the site is a good way to be notified whenever members are looking for meet ups around.


Hi Kanjee. I haven't been able to find a single expat since moving here. Could we by any chance set up a new section for Hofuf?


I work and live in Hofuf. we can meet if you want

Yeah sure - you can message me your whatsapp number and I will contact you

Hello, I am from Pakistan and also new to Al Hasa, been around here for 3 months. Wouldn't mind meeting expats here and involve in activities.


Heeey new in Hofuf... Any good places to go!

there are some places in houfuf you can visit.

jabal qara caves
yellow lake

you can drive to dammam / khobar
you can drive to bahrain if you have your passports stamped with multiple exit reentry

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