Play dates or 10 month old activities

Hi everyone are there any play dates or any 10 month old activities for kids in Nairobi. I am moving from the UK and haven't found anything online so maybe some of you can recommend who live there if there any groups or activities that have been set up for kids that age?

There are some kindergartens available.  Not sure whether they start as young as that though.  Suggest you do an online search.

Play dates etc are not really a Kenyan thing, as many people employ a househelp to look after the kids, so there is no need for playgroups and so on.  This may also be a way to go for you as labour is cheap.

Otherwise, there may well be something appropriate within the expat community though.

Hi febboy! Try waldorf kindergarten in Nairobi.I worked as a nanny to an 8month baby and that's where parents meet and organize play groups for their kids.

Hi, did you find any play groups...I have a ,9month old and would really do with play groups.

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