Play Groups In Nairobi

Anyone know of play groups in Nairobi for kids and/or club where expat parents can meet and share experiences about motherhood and make friends at the same time?

hello! visit a Facebook page Kilimani Mums Nairobi - plenty of information there.

Thanks Elena P!

I tried, its a closed group and I'm not a mum, I'm a soon-to-be dad. I sent the request to join anyway, I wonder if the admin would let me in. Hope they do.

hi! sure they will :)  there are Dads!
if they don't reply, let me know, i'll ask them to check!

where are you from?

hey Kalique,

allow me to invite you to check out our school in Lavington called Nursery Times. you could inbox me your email so I can send you more info

Hi, though i am not an expat. I am interested in playgroup for kids. It worked for me when i was away from home(Kenya). Perhaps we can start of our own..informally.

Hi All
Am a dad with a 11 month old daughter looking for Daddies out there or Mums to form a playgroup...
Send a msg if you are looking for the same...

Did you find play groups? I am in the same boat as you now........

Any luck with finding a play group...Please let me know.I have a 13m old girl..

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