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I am a mum, who will be moving to Nairobi in august 16 with my husband and 1 year old baby. It would be lovely to meet some other Mums/dads and babies/todlers in our area. Does anyone know of any playgroups? We are going to live near Villiage Marked. Maybe there are som facebook-groups?

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Kenya doesn't really have a culture of mother and toddler groups in the same way that Europe does.  Many parents employ a 'house girl' to take care of their children, but it does appear to be a growing sector.   

However, there is some information on this thread:

I understand that there is this place:

Kaputei Garden, Kaputei Road, off othaya road, Lavington
00100 Nairobi
Phone: +254 717 810 133

I also found this one:

Crayons Daycare and Kindergarten
Shanzu Road, Kyuna
00623 Nairobi
Phone: 0706 105 960

And a few more from this site: … n-nairobi/

None of them are particularly close to Village Market and the state of Nairobi traffic may well make you think twice about how often you attend them, particularly weekdays!  The one at Kyuna is arguably the closest to you.

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Please email me if you are still looking for something. 
You can also check out a message I posted today regarding this topic. 

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