whats ZEJTUN like

Hi Guys
Have seen a very interesting job that i would fit into perfectly.
its based in ZEJTUN in malta can someone tell me what the area is like.
have looked on trip advisor but what the information from the man on the ground so to speak
Also if i do get the job i would be relocating with my Dog from the UK.
where would be the best place to look for an apartment, the actual location in malta (example Marsaskala or actually in Zejtun and any websites sites  (im a member of the pet friendly lets in malta on facebook )
thanks in advance

Have you been to Malta? It kind of defies explanation, but once you've visited its easier to put things into perspective

i have not been aiming to go out 1st time for interviews.
im getting divorced and i fancy a clean break.  the whole our friends have become her friends that sort of thing.
defies explanation ?? can you please elaborate? would you suggest Malta is not for me ?
im looking to have a better quality of life sort of leave the rat race behind.

Malta is not for everyone - some love it, some hate it. Perhaps this is why everyone keeps advising the newcomers on the forum to visit the Islands before making any life-changing decisions.
Then again if you are looking for a big change leaving everything behind it might actually work very well. Especially if you would have no issues in moving on if you happen to be one of the haters :)
Zejtun is in the South, quiet, with mostly locals. Rentals would be cheaper. That's a plus for sure. Marsascala would be another option. I personally like it. Closer to the sea. More expats & tourists but no-where as crazy busy as central parts.

@gavherb you're asking "do you like marmite?" and expecting a definite answer that fits everyone lol

My family and I love it here, others ABSOLUTELY HATED it and left within weeks, its very polarising.

Come here for a week around your interview and check it out

thanks for the feed back. planning on visiting in the new year no matter what.
can i ask what do malta ppl  in general think of Dogs. are they dog lovers or haters.
might seem a silly question.

lots of dogs here, some like them, some treat them like shit - like everywhere :)

I don't see too many dogs, my feeling is that people really like cats with all those cat cafes and older ladies feeding cats on a daily basis :) Today in Bugibba was the first time I saw dog poo down near the perched beach. That was the first time in Malta actually, never seen any in my area or even Sliema.

blackangelheart: Must be better in Naxxar, but there are loads of dogs and dog poo in Mellieha, down in Ghadira (next to Mellieha beach) - you actually need to look out as not to step into dog poo. I find it disgusting, and I don't understand why many dog owners simply don't care... I also noticed quite a lot of dog poo in Gzira, up towards Rue d'Argens. And in Mosta, when you leave the main road and walk in the smaller streets, especially closer to the part of Mosta where all the car garages are.

As for what Zejtun is like: I've only driven through it, but I've heard it's mostly locals and not so many expats. We mainly just pass by when we're on our way to Marsaxlokk or Birzebbuga, and we sometimes stop at the Lidl or the Tallira there. If I had to choose, I'd rather go for living in Marsaxlokk or Birzebbuga, or Marsaskala - which are all near Zejtun.

As for deciding to move to Malta before having visited: I'd strongly advise against this! You might want to check out a blog by a member of this site who found out the hard way that Malta wasn't for her, her blog is:  But in the end, it's all down to personal taste and interests and expectations, I guess. I for my part like Malta a lot!

Zejtun is very old town in Malta... very few green. Relatively big too. About Marsascala I think it is getting too big and crowded already... but sure not as North area, StPaulsBay or similar. Malta should be something to try for a change in life, because it is so unique in every aspect, that for sure it is a change and your mind will occupy with it... so good for life-changing situations to try....

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