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I'm from asia.I am a student at Romania. I hold the resident permit for 6 years.Where  I can go by residence permit.

A residence permit does not give you the ability to travel anywhere, it's purpose is to prove you are a resident in Romania; to exit and reenter Romania without the need of a visa.  If you are married to a EU National, the answer is somewhat different.

Where you can travel depends on your passport/citizenship.

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I am a EU national and will be working in Romania. As an EU national I do not have to obtain a work permit but I was told that I have to obtain the Romanian residency after two weeks of staying in Romania. According to this document: … amp;step=2
I have to do it after 3 months staying in Romania - it does not state whether this is different for people working in the country?

I would really appreciate your help and maybe if you have any other documents to reference that would be of help too. I do not want to try for the residency that quick as that will mean I have to find an apartment of my own that quickly (otherwise one will be provided for me from the company).

Could it be that I have to have residency in order for the company to be able to pay my medical insurance and such?

If you want to travel you will probably need something like a Travel Schengen Visa



Here is a link I think you'll find useful which is more localized than what you've referenced, though the site is quite useful also ;) … identei/63

You have 90 days to register your residence.  Regarding the medical insurance and connection to residency, you should probably address that with the company; though I would think that once your contract begins and they are paying you, they would also be paying your social/medical insurance as well.


Regarding the medical insurance they will be paying it but I thought that maybe they need me to have  a medical insurance number in order for them to be able to pay towards it hence them needing me to get residency.

That link is perfect :) I couldn't find that somehow.. This should help out in contacting the HR person I am in touch with.

Do you perhaps know the difference between a Registration Certificate and a Residency Card?


MyNamesJan :

Do you perhaps know the difference between a Registration Certificate and a Residency Card?


It's my understanding that EU citizens resident in Romania receive a registration certificate, while non-EU citizens receive a residency card.  Both allocate a CNP to the individual which is necessary for most activities in Romania.  The residence card has the difference of allowing the foreign citizen holder to travel in-out of Romania along with their passport without the need of a visa.  An EU citizen has no concern about that :)  Also I believe the registration certificate does not expire, while the residence card must be renewed upon expiry.


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I was now told that indeed all of this is required because of the need of getting a CNP and that this can be done through the residency/registration permit. Has anyone went through the process in Bucharest and can confirm whether a copy of a lease contract on an apartment is required?


The original and copy of the lease agreement were both required last time I went through this procedure.

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That's bad news :(

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Just in case someone happens to look for the same info as I did:

There is no need for a lease contract when applying for residency as an EU national. I can at least confirm that this is the case in Bucharest - got my permit this week and did not have to present anything related to my accomodation, recieved the permit later during the same day. The lady spoke perfect English and was very nice too.

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