New in Rizhao - need help learning Chinese and the city

Hi there

I am a British male who has been living in China since 2006.  I am an English Language Teacher with 10 years of experience.

I recently moved to Rizhao 6 months ago.

I have found that I really need Chinese to survive better in Rizhao.  However, I am unable to find Chinese teachers to teach me Chinese.  Even if it is communication Chinese (going for coffee; seeing the tourist sites, etc.)

Can anyone recommend or guide me to where I can find someone like this?

In terms of guidance, is there a Rizhao Expat Blog that I can add questions to others who live in Rizhao?



Hello Nick  :cheers:

So as to increase your chances to find a tutor near you, I invite you to drop an advert in our following section of the site :

> Language classes in China


Thanks Kenjee  :cool:


Where is Rizhao in China? Which city or province? If you are in Beijing, I might be able to help you.

I am from Singapore,  doing a stint in Beijing.


Hi Berthomas

Rizhao is in the Shandong Province - It is a seaside city south of Qingdao.

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