Formalities for Pakistani to marry with a Moroccan girl

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I'm Mukarrim ali orgin Pakistani. But now working in dubai, i want to marry with a Moroccan girl,  anyone guide me which documents required and how much expense,  my friend told me if you want to marry with a Moroccan girl need to pay to the parents of girl. Like some 50000 Moroccan dirham.  This is right or not?

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Are you looking to marry in Dubai itself or in Morocco? You already in a relationship with the girl or are you currently looking for a bride?

You may want to browse through the following forum section to read some threads talking about marriage.

>Formalities and procedures in Morocco


No money to paid to family not buying car. Need  job income if divorced documents pakistan embassy provide document in french you are Muslim never married income  job from employer character   certificate from Pakistan police of no criminal records  than process starts of verification  in morocco from local judge police department of justice may take 2 months
S than marriage and registration all English documents must be translated into french valid passport of Pakistan and may be more like attested photos by pal police etc

Salaam , brother ,,,,,,in Morocco , marriage formalities are completely different from Pakistan. You Pakistani received gifts n the girl parents are obliged to buy house furniture to take with her to her husband s house ,,,,,,,,brother ,as a Moroccan married to a pakistani , I d like to say that Moroccan girls are not accepted in Pakistani culture , n if accepted ,she should forget her culture n accept her in laws one ,,,,,,,,most paki Moroccan partners are separated because of paki culture .......I hope you the best

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