Visa run

Can I renew my Omani tourist visa by flying to Dubai and returning the same day? I have been told that I have to spend 24hours in Dubai.

Hi RobHarvey,

'Visa on Arrival' facility is extended to a bunch of countries.

Check this link for the details … sa-to-oman

If you are among those who can avail of the visa on arrival, then there is no problem.

Hi Sumitran
Thanks for your post, however, I am now here in Oman. My 30 day tourist visa expires soon and I will book a flight to Dubai. I want to know if I can return to Oman by air the same day?


We did that 4 yrs ago for our maid. Basically We drove to Al Wajaja border and after out from UAE immigration office to get the stamp and turn back directly to Muscat at the same day. cheers.

Hi, thanks Drukken, the Al Wajaja border is an option but I would still like to know if I can fly from Muscat to Dubai, and return the same day, and get a new tourist visa.
Does anyone know if this is possible?

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