insurance problems driving from UK to Malta

I'm leaving the UK soon and driving to Malta to live but I'm having car insurance problems, my UK company won't insure me as I'm no longer a UK resident, no Malta company will insure me until I arrive. Any help & advice please.

Surely as far as your UK insurer is concerned, you are travelling to Malta for a holiday and are still a UK resident, even if you have to use a friend or relatives address. Then when you get here you can apply for residency here and insure your car.


most UK insurance - if you take the Euro cover option - will let you be out of the country for 28 days, I had that.  And before you arrive you are not resident here.  As F0xgl0ve say pretty much

Thanks Ray, I reckon that's the best option, guess I should leave the log book details which I need to send to DVLA until I'm in Malta to?

It doesn't need to be done on the actual day, just do it later.  I didn't feel like posting mine from here so just called them a month after I left and gave them the date over the phone, they were fine with that.

You only do that once your car is registered here anyway.

until you actually leave the UK you are a UK resident.

If i was you I would go online and get temporary cover, something like or simular. (print out you policy documents etc for the journey).

you must know someone in the UK, say you are living there but need to deliver a vehicle to a friend in Malta.............get a weeks cover and when it expires you will have re-insured it in Malta.

good luck.

Great advice, thanks guys

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